Kristine King Events is proud to offer our unique and professional planning services to corporate clients who want to make a superior impression at their upcoming functions. Team building events, client meetings, dinners and luncheons, holiday parties or celebrating the retirement of a colleague all fall into our area of expertise. At Kristine King Events we are happy to provide the hard work, diligence and knowledge to create a world-class corporate event for our clients! 

The event planners at Kristine King Events will design and coordinate your special event from start to finish, providing your team with a memorable and lasting experience.

They will work closely with you to:

  • Select a date & venue location
  • Create a theme for your party
  • Create invitations
  • Select the entertainment and decor
  • Choose a menu 
  • Assist with team-building activities

Hiring an event planner is a wonderful way to create an occasion that incorporates your ideas and builds upon. Our goal is to minimize your stress while maximizing your guests’ enjoyment.