You're engaged!! Tips on what to do next!

It’s the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas in full swing and also in full swing are engagements! With everyone in the festive spirit this is one of the most popular times of year to pop the question. I was engaged two days before Thanksgiving in 2013 and can say we celebrated all the way through New Years! As a newly engaged couple you are bursting with excitement, your head already in motion with wedding planning ideas! Your best friends are sending your bridal magazines and you’re already picturing yourself in the perfect gown. You’re getting ready to plan the best day of your life and at Kristine King Events we’re excited to be with you every step of the way!

So after the initial shock of excitement settles you wonder, “what do I do first?” We’ve listed out a few top tips to think about over the next few weeks!

1. Share the exciting news with family and friends. Messaging them before the word gets out via Facebook is key. :) You can also let your friends and family know to keep hush hush until you and your groom to be spread the word. 

2. Take photos of your ring, you and your hubby-to-be, and post the exciting news all over social media! Everyone is dying to see the bling!

3. Start brainstorming preliminary details - what kind of wedding would you want, time of year, location? It’s fun to start a Pinterest board and find inspiration in bridal magazines. It’s the holiday’s so pop that champagne, watch “say yes to the dress” and start feeling inspired. 

4. Another must have from day one is Mindy Weiss’s bridal binder which you can find at Barnes & Noble. It was my go to when I started wedding planning. The planner and organizer provides tips, tools, checklists, spreadsheets, and schedules to help brides (and grooms) manage everything. 

5. Get your ring insured! If your hubby-to-be is anything like mine the ring wasn’t insured right off the bat. Ring insurance can be purchased as an extension (also called a "rider") for your renters or homeowners policy. You can also insure your ring through a company that specializes in jewelry insurance.    

6. Once you’ve had some time to get a sense of the kind of wedding you’d like, its a good time to discuss budgets with your family members. Who will pay for what? We’ve attached a traditional guide from The Knot which outlines who pays for what. But, keep in mind anything goes these days. Having these conversations right off the bat will help so no one is blindsided down the road. 

7. Lastly, start brainstorming photographers so you can get your engagement session booked. Using engagement photos for "save the dates" or  engagement party invitations are very popular and look great!

Remember, the fun is just beginning. Take time to enjoy your “fiancee” and this special time. The year goes by so quickly so take time to soak it all in. The last most obvious item is to call Kristine King Events to see what we can do for you! We would be honored to be a part of your special day and look forward to meeting you! Congratulations again on your engagement and happy planning!