Reasons to hire a day of wedding coordinator

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and having a day of wedding coordinator can put your mind at ease so you can relax and have the time of your life. The only thing that should be your main focus is walking down that aisle towards your best friend and life partner to be. So leave all that worry behind and leave it to the professionals! 

1. Day-of wedding planners want to embrace your dream wedding and vision that you have for your day. From the moment you wake up to when the last wedding guest leaves, your planner is with you and on your side, striving to keep everything according to your plan and vision. They strive to follow the day of timeline and work hand in hand with all vendors to successfully execute your plan. 

2. They are the liaison between all of the vendors, key family members and bride & groom. Wedding coordinators will handle all contracts and communications between the vendors. Prior to the wedding day they will be in contact with each vendor confirming all timing, logistics and planning related items. 

3. They are problem solvers. Coordinators will handle the unexpected and frazzled moments. The day-of coordinator will handle any fire drills so you won’t have to. You likely won't even know a small hiccup is even occurring. :)

4. Have a peace of mind. They will assist you and your bridal party with hair, makeup, dressing and photo schedules, guide you through processional and recessionals, and cue all wedding professionals. They will check details both big (final head count for caterer, number of place settings) and small (placement of favors, menus and napkin folds). They will be double checking floor plans, lighting levels, cake placement - All I's will be dotted and T's will be crossed!

5. Enjoy the moment! The coordinator wants to make sure that everything is handled and in order so that everything works according to your plan and vision. Dance the night away and enjoy every second of your day with your family and friends and new husband!

The team at Kristine King Events looks forward to working with you! :)