A sweet 5th birthday party for Camilla!

The team at Kristine King Events enjoyed cupcakes at Sweethaus Cafe in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, March 6th. The reason? To celebrate a 5th birthday for one sweet little lady! 

The birthday girl, Camilla Mae, invited 15 of her school & neighborhood friends to celebrate her birthday at a cupcake decorating party.  Margaret, a busy working mom and blogger, reached out to Kristine King Events for help. She had the date and location locked, but had little time for any of the party specifics.  

Margaret shared, “At first, people thought I was nuts when I told them I engaged an event planner for Camilla’s party.  But I was like, ‘I don’t have time to run around and buy crafts or decorations.’”  Margaret said although she loves to organize family events, she didn’t feel she had the time to realize Camilla’s dream of having a “pink cupcake party with lots of sweets.”  She reasoned the most important things for her were to have the party and be at the party – not to worry about the details.  

Margaret turned over the decorating, activities, party organization and liaising with the venue to us.  To realize Camilla’s wishes, we went with a pink and white theme with delicate accents.  We chose for her disposable pink and white table linens and cutlery, hung pink pompoms from the ceiling and arranged a centerpiece of pink roses and tulips.  We ordered the adorable custom table place settings with each child’s name in pink and white. Additionally, we assembled bags of pink, white and pastel colored candy for display and take home.  Kristine also successfully convinced Margaret to use a photographer – explaining that taking pictures was one less thing this busy mom would have to do.  

This was a somewhat “unstructured” kid’s party where the responsibility is on the party throwers to provide the entertainment.  Also, children move through crafts and activities fast, so we knew we had to offer more than one.  KK Events brainstormed with Margaret and the owner of Sweethaus to get venue, theme and age appropriate ideas.  Regardless of the event type, planning is always a partnership!

With Margaret’s final ok, we instructed the children decorate their own aprons for their first activity.  Once finished, the children moved to necklace making. We sourced and provided them a large assortment of colorful beads, pompoms, markers and jewels for them to use in these activities. The children then put on their new aprons and decorated chocolate & vanilla cupcakes. As the party wrapped, the kids were each given a pink and white “Thank you!” bag and allowed to "raid" the candy jar section of the shop.  It was pink and sweet cupcake controlled chaos!

The measure of any event is whether or not the host thinks it’s a success, and we at KK Events live to get that feedback.  For a child’s party the measure is more specifically did they have fun. Camilla cheerfully exclaimed, “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”  when asked what she thought of her party.  Margaret additionally noted, “I was so much more relaxed at this party than at others I’ve thrown [for Camilla]. It was huge not having to watch the time or explain the activities.  I could actually enjoy myself and the party – because I had Kristine.”

Happy Birthday dear, Camilla. Working with you and your mom was a sweet blast. Thank you for making us a part of it!