The "To Do's" After "I Do"

Happy Friday Friends! Now that you've planned the wedding of your dreams, said, "I Do", and jetted off on your magical honeymoon, you're now back to post wedding reality - wedding bliss - and ohh, that list of not so exciting post wedding "to-do's". So before you settle into your new roles as husband and wife, there are a few tasks ahead of you. We've provided a easy list below that goes well with or without champagne ;-)

  • Change your name: I can attest that this is something I waited to do for over a year after my own wedding as I knew it was a daunting and time consuming task. We suggest going through the process of changing your name right after you get back from your honeymoon. Today, there are actually services that can help with all the lengthy paperwork. If you’re in a pinch, Hitchswitch Name Change, a professional name changing service, will help guide you through the process as well as MissNowMrs.
  • Preserve the gown: You had the best day of your life in your dream gown, and it will likely need some TLC after the wedding! We suggest having it professional cleaned and preserved as a keepsake or heirloom. After it is professionally cleaned we suggest storing it in a place away from direct sunlight, dampness or extreme hot or cold temperatures. One day when you have your own daughter it will be special to have her try on your wedding gown. :)
  • Mail in your marriage license: Once it’s signed and sealed from your wedding officiant you'll want to mail it or hand deliver it to the appropriate office. Be sure to check the requirements for your particular state, and ask for a few copies. We see a lot of brides frame their official copy of their marriage license as a keepsake. 
  • Bank accounts and health insurance: Having a discussion about health insurance plans and the joining of bank accounts is important for newly married couples. After getting hitched you have a small window where you can add each other to your health insurance plans before open enrollment begins. As for joining bank accounts, there are options you have here whether it is combining accounts, adding each other to your individual accounts or setting up a new account. Every couple finds a rhythm that works best for them.
  • Make your wedding album: Creating your wedding album is such a special way to relive your special day. Photographers tend to send your wedding photos to you within the first month or so following your wedding. We suggest starting the wedding album process early while the excitement is there and while you're still on your "wedding high". Creating a DIY album for your parents is also a fun activity to do post wedding. Your families will enjoy showing their friends the album and displaying it on their coffee table. What parent doesn't love showing you off to their friends. :)
  • Thank you cards: You and your husband can tag team with writing thank you cards to your family and friends. Thank you cards should ideally be sent no more than three months after the wedding. Tip: We suggest starting to write thank you cards as soon as gifts begin arriving. It helps you spread things out and not feel overwhelmed with writing them all at once. 

The key to all the post-wedding "to do's"        is to plan ahead, have these discussions with your partner early and to not procrastinate. :)