Kids' Corner: How to Entertain Your Tiniest Wedding Guests


Weddings are a family affair, which means most times, children are going to be in attendance. Adults are entertained by the gorgeous details, lush flowers, open bar and a great band but kiddos could care less - so we’ve included some tips on how to keep them happy and entertained during your wedding reception. We want to make sure the kiddos feel just as special as the adults, and we all know that if the kids are happy, the parents are having fun!

Below, our team has included some fun tips on setting up a kids table and entertaining our tiniest wedding guests:


- Entertaining Your Tiny Guests At A Kids Table -  We suggest setting up a kids table at a wedding where all the little ones can sit and have fun! Providing coloring books, activities, and games will keep them engaged and busy during your reception. You can cover the table with paper instead of linen so that the entire space can be an art table and get as messy as art project. Art supplies (colored paper, crayons, markers, stickers) UNO games, puzzles and books are our go-to's for keeping our busy bee's happy and entertained during dinner time. 

- Serve Kid-Friendly Foods - If you're having little ones at your wedding, we suggest creating a separate kid-friendly menu to please their palates. Your catering team can help coordinate the menu which could consist of chicken fingers and fries, sliders, fruit on a stick, veggie cups or PB&J rolls. Theme your food and have fun with the menu and make it memorable for them!

- Consider Hiring A Baby Sitter - Depending on how many children will be at your wedding and their ages, you may want to consider hiring a sitter or two for the evening. The sitter can be there to oversee the kids table at the reception and following dinner can watch the kids in a separate room. We suggest booking a separate hotel room or party space at your hotel or wedding reception venue where your sitter(s) can keep a close eye on the little ones. Having a movie night theme, kids music and dance party, toys, games and fun snacks will keep the kiddos busy and having fun while their parents do the same on the dance floor! 

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Happy Wedding Planning!

<3 KKE